1 On 1 Dog Training Gateshead
Dog Training Gateshead
1 On 1 Dog Training Gateshead
Dog Training Gateshead

Dog Training in Gateshead

At Parkview K9, we offer truly bespoke training which is specific to you, your dog, and your circumstances. We’re here to prove that any each and every dog can be motivated and trained, to become the very best they can be.

Tailored Training

Bespoke training and solutions created to get the very best results from each and every dog.

Private Facebook Group

Access to our ‘Members Only Facebook Group’ to share progress and discuss training with like-minded people.

Lifetime Support

Regular check-ins and guidance for all clients after their training sessions.


Dog Trainer in Gateshead

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Each of our training packages are customised to the requirements of you, and your dog.

Dog Trainers Gateshead

Basic Training Session

Perfect for those looking to work on basic obedience such as heelwork, recall and loose leash walking.

Book Session – £125
Dog Trainer in Gateshead

Half-Day Training Session

Our recommendation for most of the moderate behavioural issues such as reactivity and separation anxiety.

Book Session – £195
Dog Trainer Gateshead

Full-Day Session

Designed for the more complex or severe behavioural issues including phobias and aggression.

Book Session – £345


We believe in letting our results speak for themselves, view our website for our most recent client stories.

Gateshead Dog Training

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Dog Training in Gateshead

Gateshead Dog Training